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As a specialist in solid wooden material, we provide you or your company with a product of Parquet, Wooden Railing, Modular Kitchen, laminated Doors, Wall Paneling etc inside Nepal. All our products are designed from Sissoo(Rosewood), Salla(Pinus) & Saaj(Terminalia) tree which are also considered as a major wooden species for decorations. We believe in a long-standing relationship with our vendors and our alignment to meet their goals and objectives allows us to provide cohesive and right solutions to our customers.

Nepal Wood Festival (NNPD)

Nepal Wood' festival is a famous wooden expo in Nepal which provide all participants & visitors with an opportunity to experience & exhibit Nepalese Woodworks. NNPD is member of 'Nepal Wood' since 2016 A.D. Every year we launch our new wooden layouts which enable visitors to find right wooden decorations inside your homes or offices. We believe in a long-standing relationship with every of our customer. We promote eco-friendly decoration. All purchased raw materials perform certified commercial wooden sales. Our products are against random cutting down of the trees which harms the environment and its ecosystem.

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