Message From MD

My best wishes and thanks for visiting our website. Welcome to Nepal National Parquet & Decorators.
Nepal National Parquet & Decorators is an Emerging Parquet and Decoration Integration company providing end-to-end  Infrastructure management solutions and services to enterprises across Nepal. The dedicated customer service portal currently serves more than 1000 delighted customers.
We have a highly motivated, experienced and hardworking team of people from diverse backgrounds and experience, with vertical experience and some with horizontal experience providing our customers the best possible services and solutions provided by us. 
We have always encouraged commitment and rewarded hard-work. I am also happy that our decision not-to-downsize during recession has yielded good results when we grew over 200%.
We also ensure that Nepal National Parquet are updated with the knowledge of the fast changing technology landscape. This has allowed us to provide our customers with timely solutions to their current and future  needs. 
We believe in a long standing relationship with our vendors and our alignment to their goals and objectives allows us to provide cohesive and right solutions to our customers.
To conclude, I reiterate that we are an emerging end-to-end systems integration company with a scorching growth rate. I believe that our efforts will go a long way in making customers delighted and will lead to an exciting future for everyone – our customers, vendors, our people and the company.
Nabaraj Dhamala