HDF Door

 Our HDF/MDF HOMADUR® Door Skins easily satisfy the special technical and physical requirements of the door industry. Both sides are smooth or sanded and provide the perfect surface for finishing treatments. HDFHOMADUR® Primed Door Skins are ideally suited to final lacquering with various types of lacquer. Our “FlameRetardant B1” door skins are manufactured for applications where special safety requirements apply, and our“emission natural-H” door skins are specially designed for use in high humidity. Our door skins are also available
as a finished product that only needs to be pressed onto he core and frame: these door skins are available as a“Laminated” model, with a large selection of bonded wood grain decors to choose from, or as the HDFHOMADUR Door Skin Plus model that includes a finishing coat of high-quality lacquer.Our national parquet and decorates is one of the best dealler for this kind of doors contace for doors on::::
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